Fairway Products
About the Client
Fairway Products produces non-apparel products for their customers in the automotive, marine, industrial, and furniture industries as well as consumer clients. With their modern cut, sew, and assemble capabilities, they can manufacture cost efficient and quality oriented sub-assemblies as well as finished products. 
What They Needed
Fairway Products website has gone through many transformations over the years but none of them truly demonstrated their full capabilities. They needed to generate more leads from their website, as industry professionals have begun to make the transition from traditional methods to using the internet to find manufactures such as Fairway Products.
How We Helped
We worked with Fairway Products to determine exactly what their marketing objective was. It became clear that they wanted to focus not only what they offered to the market but what set them apart from others. Also, we helped them discover exactly how those that needed their services were searching for them online. With this information in hand, JC Whelan did a complete website redesign for Fairway Products.
Fairway Products now has a fully optimized and responsive design for the website that helps expose their services to potential clients that use search engines. On an ongoing basis, we work with their team to update the website with new product pictures keeping the site looking fresh and innovative. 

Let's Work Together