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Pay Per Click (PPC) works within your budget and offers faster results

PPC Management Services

When many people hear Pay-Per-Click (PPC), they think Google AdWords. Google may dominate the online third-party advertising market, but Facebook, Bing and a few others have programs too. We provide PPC management services for the big 3 – Google, Bing and Facebook.

Connect with people ready to buy

PPC provides faster results than organic search and has a proven search engine marketing (SEM) track record for increasing revenue. Why? You reach the right people at the right time, when they are searching to buy your products or services.

How does PPC work?

Google AdWords or other search engines will display your ad next to or above the organic search results when users type in the related keywords you have selected.

Every aspect of your ad is measurable— click through rate, cost per click, impressions, conversion rate, etc. You will be able to tell which ads are working and improve on the winners until your ads are converting to your satisfaction.

Every online paid advertising program works pretty much the same way –

  • You determine your business objective (create awareness, generate leads, increase sales, drive foot traffic, make the phone ring).
  • You specify a geographic area (state, county, city, zip codes, etc.).
  • You set your own budget.
  • You only pay for clicks to your website (Awareness is free!).
To help you reach your goals, our Bing and Google AdWords certified, PPC management specialists will –
  • Identify the keywords you need to include in your ad copy.
  • Design a standout ad.
  • Create a strategy to convert your Web visitors into results – leads, sales, calls, foot traffic.
  • Develop a landing page so when people click through to your website it matches the expectations created from the ad.
  • Provide you with regular reports and recommendations for improving your results.
  • Keep up-to-date on search engine techniques and rules.

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