Contender's Tree & Lawn Specialists
About the Client
Unlike the ordinary lawn care and landscaper services, Contender's Tree and Lawn approaches trees from a healthcare standpoint. By utilizing their knowledge of botany and the diseases of trees, they are able to diagnose  the root cause of the problem and then treat the tree, so it can regain its health and increase its lifespan. 
What They Needed
Contender's Tree and Lawn's website did not properly showcase the services or benefits the company offered. Instead, their old site simply listed the services without going into what they actually were or why someone might want to use them. This, in turn, kept their site from ranking well in search engines as it was unclear to them or visitors to the site exactly what Contender's Tree and Lawn was offering.
Because of this, they needed an updated website that would allow potential customers to understand exactly how Contender's Tree and Lawn could help save their trees.
How We Helped
Our team helped expose Contender's Tree and Lawn's true talent by pairing their services to applications. We found that their client wasn’t looking for their services specifically but more so the disease their tree was suffering from. We structured a relationship database that gave both a solid workflow for potential clients as well as a true SEO correlation between service and application.
Contender's Lawn and Tree is now receiving the traffic to their website that they were looking for. In addition, that traffic is converting to leads and sales. Finally, the organic rank is trending in an upwards direction month-to-month. The connection between what they offer and how an individual searches for help with their tree issues has been made. 

Let's Work Together