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Responsive web design is the solution for today's mobile devices.
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Why do you need responsive web design?

It is important that your web pages look great on any size screen. The options are endless – desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, phablets, tablets, ereaders and each type of technology has numerous manufacturers churning out an assortment of models. There are literally hundreds of screen sizes the public uses to view online information.

Responsive web design provides visitors with a one-size-fits-all website experience. Other approaches require you to create separate websites for your mobile and desktop visitors. This means every time you need to make a change or you want to create a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, you do it twice. In fact, responsive website design is Google’s preferred approach for building mobile-friendly websites.

Mobile-friendly is a must


More than half of your visitors are viewing your web pages with their smartphone. In fact, last year Internet usage on mobile devices bypassed desktop PCs. Believe it or not, more people own mobile devices than toothbrushes!

According to industry research:

  • 90 percent of American adults own a cell phone
  • 32 percent of American adults own an e-reader
  • 42 percent of American adults own a tablet computer

This is why as of April 2015, if your web page is not compatible with mobile devices, Google, Bing and the other engines will omit you from their search results. If you are not mobile-friendly, forget about search results.

Responsive design is good for visitors, business results and SEO

Responsive website design is not just about your web page looking great on the smallest of small screens or the biggest of all screens. This type of website development yields one website and one set of code, which seamlessly handles all your website functions too, such as:

  • Providing the navigation ability to either sit at your desktop or click on a link with your mouse or to navigate using the touch screen on a smartphone.
  • Adjusting the image resolution so visuals look good on any size screen.
  • Streamlining the time it takes for the web page to display on tablets and phones.
  • Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) as all URLs and content are unique.

A responsive web design is good for business – separate sites cost more and are not efficient.

We want to save our customers money, deliver high search rankings and drive results. Call us for a responsive web design today!

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