About the Client
Ald-Holcroft provides custom solutions for their clients from high pressure gas quenching pressures to vacuum carburizing with Acetylene , and anything in between that their target market may require. With their available technology, they have the ability to completely automate the vacuum thermal process.
What They Needed
Due to the specificity and complexity of what this company offers, they needed a website that would allow those in the industry to find them and to discover exactly what Ad-Holcroft could provide.  In addition, the website needed a more professional look that included call to actions that made sense for their demographic as well as a contact form that would allow potential clients an easy way to reach out to them.
How We Helped
First, it was important to gain a true understanding of the nature of the industry that Ald-Holcroft services. To do this, JC Whelan spent some time learning their processes and gaining a deeper understanding of exactly what Vacuum Carburizing is and in what way Ald-Holcroft differed from their competitors as well as the benefits they brought to the market.
Secondly, they were provided with an updated website with clear call to actions that included an optimized, search friendly design.
Ald-Holcroft gained the needed search traffic from industry professionals looking for a specific process they offered. Once in the door, Ald-Holcroft was then able to up sell these new and prospective clients on their fully automated process. 

Let's Work Together