Kurt Gorecki

Kurt Gorecki

Kurt Gorecki

Service Manager

What happens when a geeky developer is also a creative mastermind? Pure magic a.k.a. Kurt Gorecki.

Starting with the inception of a project  to its delivery -- Kurt is involved during every step. With his unique skill set as a developer and a designer,  he can foresee client requirements even before they realize it. The outcome? Kurt over-delivers a client's expectations. He goes beyond coding the web site; his process starts while keenly listening to the client, adhering to their budget, and studying their current web presence. Based on this research, he finds a customized solution. Then he not only delivers their expectations but also develops something that is unique and a proprietary solution that the client can use in their business. Kurt is always on the mission to follow current and best web practices that help him keep pace with rapidly-changing web technology. In fact, even though young, our clients are impressed with his thorough web knowledge base.  

In his personal time, Kurt dawns his creative hat. Formally trained as a graphic designer from College of Creative Studies, Detroit, he has won several awards and a scholarship for his talent. Being born and raised in the Motor City, has allowed him to be extremely close to the creative field for 24 years. As a result, he can handle a vast array of mediums, and create beautiful designs, ready for commercial use.

Now there's more to this all-rounder! It's his love for the finer things in life, which makes him truly unique and versatile. Some of his favorite things to do are adventure + extreme sports, snocross, snowmobiling, riding ATV motocross, mechanics + car customizing, the outdoors, and playing Halo 4, and even making music! It is this passion that Kurt brings in every day to work. His can-do-it-all attitude makes his vision a reality, which we mortals call "magic."

Some of his milestone achievements:
  • CCS 4 Year Portfolio Scholarship
  • CCS Student Show ’10-’16
  • WEB AWWWARDs Honoree
  • Vehicle Wrap Featured @ Geneva Motor Show
  • Worked on a number of disclosed Campaign Launches for Google, Maserati, Ford and more. These design campaigns were launched worldwide.
  • Favorite Son


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