Brandon Newton

Brandon Newton

Brandon Newton

Account Manager

As account manager and sales manager, Brandon meets with customers while they are still in the process of defining their needs and exploring possible solutions. He is all ears.

Once a project is designed and launched, Brandon remains involved, often working as part of web design and Google AdWords teams. Brandon sees the client as the most important member of every team and oversees all team members to ensure that expectations are met­—and exceeded.

His background in hospitality management and software sales helps him to understand both the needs and the goals of all types of businesses. Once a project is implemented, he often analyzes subsequent campaign performance and offers his insights and recommendations for future enhancements.

A real go-getter, he once rode his bicycle from the West Coast to the East Coast, covering 4200 miles at an average pace of about 100 miles a day. A ride like that is serious business, and Brandon brings that same “go the distance” attitude to his work with clients and his community service.

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